The Cheapest Way Going to Sydney International Airport from City or Vice Versa

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2019 Update:
Now you can take 2 buses to go to city. From the airport, you can take 400, 420, then change bus and go to central station, bus fare is only $3.66. However, bus 400 is a prepay bus, it means you can only use opal card to pay for the fare
If you haven;t got a opal card, you can buy one in the airport. The minimum top up for the card is $35 for new policy. If you have an opal card, you can top up your card by $10.


This is suitable for travelers who travel from places out of Australia to Sydney airport as Sydney International airport and Domestic one are separated.

There are several ways to leave Sydney International Airport once you arrive Sydney by plane.

If I want to go to city Central station from the airport:

1. Book the shuttle bus in advance (Price around $16)

Advantage: Point to point, it takes you directly to your hotel/hostel

Disadvantage: You need to book and pay in advance, if you don’t have Australian debit card you may need to pay some transaction fee and the different in exchange rate.

2. Train (The minimum fee to city one way is $16.40, the more far away the more expensive)

(Train fare search tool:

Advantage: Convenient and easy to take the train

Disadvantage: This is the most expensive way to leave airport, apart from taxi

3. Bus route 400 ($2.20-$3.66, depend on which bus station you get off) (

Advantage: The cheapest among the choices (You can go to Bondi Junction/Burwood just paying $. 3.66 )

Disadvantage: If you want to go to city, you need to drop off at the nearest train station Rockdale and then take train to Central (3.66bus +3.54 train = $7-8)

The frequency of the bus is around 20 minutes, and you need to take a train afterwards, time consuming

So if I want to go to Central station what is the cheapest way?

Today I want to teach you the cheapest way for going to the city. So next time if you come to Sydney to travel/study/working holiday/work or you need to back to your home country from Sydney you can save a lot. But this method you need to walk for around 20 minutes. So if you have bulky luggage please think about whether it is a good idea for you. The route basically is flat and does not have much incline/decline/staircase.

From Sydney International Airport, you have to walk around 20 minutes to train station Wolli Creek which is the nearest station which does not charge you airport region train fee. So if I take train from Wolli Creek to Central station it only costs $3.80. The train frequency in this station is even higher than that of International Airport station and Rockdale station.


Special things that you will pass by: Park, bridge, airport car park

I tried to walk through the route at night around 8pm. The lights inside the park are very bright. You can even enjoy the view from the bridge.

I will explain a little bit about the routes from the airport to Wolli Creek and vice versa. Basically it is the same route, I will elaborate what you will see while you are on the way so that you can recognize it easily and get to the destination faster.

From Sydney International Airport to Wolli Creek

First you need to find the McDonald’s in the airport. When you see it, exit the door at the left.

You can see this architecture, walk straight until you reach the carpark

At here, follow the blue signage ‘pay station’ until you reach the blue wall

After reaching the blue wall and passing through it, turn right, follow the signage of valet parking

Continue following the valet park pick up signage, walk straight here

After reaching valet parking, turn left and leave the car park

After leaving the carpark, walk through the walkway

Until you reach the signage “way to marsh street”, follow the direction of this signage

Continue to follow the green signage, walk straight here and reach the flyover

Follow the walkway

When you see this signage “T1 Way to International Terminal”, turnaround on your right and walk up to the bridge

While walking across the bridge, you will see the river at your right hand side. The guy in front of me is a crew member, he is also going back home using this route.

After passing through the bridge, turn right and enter the park. While walking pass the park, the river is also on your right hand side.

After some time, you will need to go to your left hand side. You will see Woolworths at the opposite side of the main road. Cross the main road and walk into Brodie Spark Drive. Walk pass the roundabout and walk along the road on your right hand side and you will see Wolli Creek station on your left.

Suggest to preload the map from the phone so that you can read the GPS while you are walking and know where you are.

From Wolli Creek to Sydney International Airport

From Wolli Creek train station exit turn right and walk till the roundabout. After passing through the roundabout woolworths will be on your right. Walk till the end and you can see the main road, cross the road and you will reach the park

Walk pass the park while the river is on your left hand side

The light inside the park is sufficient

Walk along the walkway

You shall see mercure hotel at your right while walking. You can reach here after you walk pass the park. In here you need to turn left and walk up to the bridge

This is the scene when I looked back while walking along the bridge

The scene at right hand side of the bridge

At the end of the bridge you will see this signage T1 way to international terminal. Turnaround on your left and walk.

Continue to follow the signage

Cross the road, walk straight to the carpark

After reaching the carpark, just follow the signage to terminal and you can arrive at the airport!

Saving a lot of money~

But if you are the first time to walk this route, save more time as you are not familiar with it.

Same as the reverse direction, suggest to preload the map from the phone so that you can read the GPS while you are walking and know where you are.

Let’s save the money and spend on other stuff!

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