Top 3 Sydney City Weekends Markets - Buying Cheap Apparels and Accessories

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Apart from Kmart, Cotton On, Rubi, etc to buy cheap apparels and accessories, are there any places that you can buy stuff cheap?

OP Shop is one of them. These are charity shops that people donate and they sell and gather the money and help the needy.

Vinnies and The Salvation Army both sell cheap second handed apparels. Apart from apparels, they also sell books, bags, furniture, etc. These are the places that you can find a lot of cheap stuff.

But what I most is going to weekends markets. Why? In addition to the more fashionable apparels, the price also matters. Some can be as cheap as $1 for one piece of cloth/pants. I bought a scarf for $0.50, also $1 for one Adidas hoodie. However, it depends on luck if you want to see $1 things. The most common ones will be $10, $5, some of them will be $3 or $5 for 2 products. Most of these things are second handed,just like OP Shop. But sometimes they might have sample stocks which are new.

So near Sydney city which three markets are the best to shop?

1. Glebe Market

Only 20 minutes walk form Central Train Station you can reach here. This is my favorite weekend market as usually I can find many good deals here. If you want to try the clothes on, you can ask the owners and most of them will let you try them int the washroom. 

Every Saturday, 10Am-4PM
Address: 9-25 Derwent Street, Glebe NSW 2037

Entrance of Glebe Market

All people are busy buying things

If you feel tired after the shopping, sit on the grass and listen to the live music with some food also

2. Kirribilli Market

This place is great. It is because apart from you can buy cheap stuff, you can see the whole Sydney Harbour Bridge. With this awesome view, you mood of shopping will greatly increase.

From the tunnel at the end of Harbour Bridge to the big patch of grassland, the number of booths is more than that of that in Glebe Market. So the time for seeing all stuff will be longer than you spend in Glebe Market. I bought 3 necklaces for $5 here. 

There are two different types of Market here, one is General Market and another one is Art & Design Market, I just went to General Market as I only find cheap bargain. I think Art & Design Market mostly are expensive and decoration stuff.

You can choose to take a train to Milson Point station. Or you can take a free 555 shuttle bus form city to Circular Quay then walk across Harbour Bridge for 30 minutes and arrive at the market. Amazing view while walking, good to make it a start of Saturday. (Free shuttle 555 had been canceled since Oct2015)

General Market is the forth Saturday each month, 8:30Am-3PM
Address: Burton Street Tunnel and Bradfield Park Bowling Green

Gorgeous view with Sydney Harbour Bridge as background

Booth inside the tunnel

More booth

3. Paddington market

Although this one is a little bit far away form city compared to the other two, it is also recommended. From Central train station you can walk about 34 minutes to get to here. You can also choose to take a bus to there (333/352/378/380/M4).

Walking along Oxford Street, you can see a lot of high end fashion boutiques. Though for sure you won't buy any of them, it's worth to get inside to have a glimpse.

Every Saturday, 10Am-4PM
Address: Oxford Street, Paddington NSW 2021

Entrance of Paddington Market

Different booth

Rest area

All mentioned markets have live music and booths for food. So don't bother go there with an empty stomach. You will sure love to stay there until close.

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