Bolivia - Not Only Salar de Uyuni - 6th Stop of South America

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20111225-20120109(11days) Bolivia

The daily spending here is very low, exchange rate with Hong Kong is almost 1:1

Bolivia has the highest capital in the world, La Paz, 3,675M. Meaning of La Paz is peace in English.
I loved the pureness and simplicity of people here. Also the silence and comfort. The most unforgettable thing is, of course, the famous spot Salar de Uyuni. It is really awesome. I believe I will come here again in the future.

Currency: 1US: 6.9Bolivian (2011)
Hostel average: 4US per night
Eat average: 1.7US per meal

La Paz->Cochabamba->Oruro->Uyuni->Potosi->Tupiza->Salta(Argentina)

La Paz
The first stop in Bolivia is the capital. I lived in a hostel and met a man called Christian who worked at there. He was hilarious and even came with me with his friend to help me in buying a new camera. They said if I went and bought myself I will get an unreasonable price. 
The thing I was drinking was called batido de bicervecina, an alcoholic drink ~0.7US.

There were a lots of slope in La Paz. The dormitory I lived had 20 beds, which was the most so far (May be because I did not travel much :P)

La Paz
Christmas time, La Paz

On the street there was a doll, it was used to promote the safety while crossing the street, brilliant idea

Valle del lunar, La Paz, Bolivia
Moon valley, a very dry place. The texture of the mud is hard. You can just tear them off easily. There are lots of shapes there.

Delicious food in Bolivia, drink api, and food buñuelos and pastel. Api is made of purple corn, pineapple and cinnamon, served in warm. Buñuelos and pastel, in which one is sweet and one is salty. Total 2US

Parque Urbano, La Paz, Bolivia
Amusement Park with different rides. But when I was in Argentina there was news saying that there were people died because of one of the rides. I also tried one of the rides.

El Camino de la Muerte, La Paz, Bolivia
I joined the death road tour, with steep slopes and cliff side at the edge. From 4640 meters La Cumbre to 1295 meters Yolosa. It was crazy. From the very beginning of hailing, the roads were narrow and rough and muddy. While riding the bike the mud kept spilling onto my body. Hands were too cold and i cooed not even hold the brake in good position. I was totally wet and freezing. I needed to be very concentrated while riding it. Of course, I was the last among my team. At the very last part, it was in the woodland and the temperature became warmer.

El Camino de la Muerte, La Paz, Bolivia
Straightly down to the ground

 Cristo de la Concordia, Cochabamba, Bolivia
So called the world biggest Jesus statue 34.2 meters

Cochabamba, Bolivia
It seemed that all cities in Bolivia have amusement park, with the ferris wheel and other rides.

Cochabamba, Bolivia

My beloved empanada, with meat inside 0.3US

This is a traditional dish in Ororu. It is called Charquekan and drink is called canela. With meat, cheese and corn and hot sauce llajwa, tasted good! Drink with cinnamon but I could not really taste that..

Museo Antropológico de Oruro, Oruro, Bolivia
As we would like to take train to Uyuni, we went to Oruro. Every year in February there is an enormous parade here called Oruro carnival. It is one of the biggest festivals in South America. The theme is devil.

My faviourite - Smoothie

Street challenging game. You pay $1. If you can make all the cups fallen, you will get back $5. I watched this for 10 minutes and no one could make this happen.

Salchipapa~ Salchicha + Papa  (Sausage + Potatoe) = Delicious!

Going to Uyuni by train
We needed to get up early to buy the train tickets as we were so afraid it will be fulled. Luckily we live near the train station and we just walked to there early morning and bought it.

At 2am we arrived at Uyni and slept at the train station overnight. And in the morning we went to eat and found the tour to Salar de Uyuni

This is the braid I made in Peru, spanish is trenza

There was agency said they helped us to have a reservation for 3 days 2 nights Salar de Uyuni trip. However, as they wanted to earn more, they gave the places to others without notifying us. We were so furious and had a dispute with them. But of course it was of no use. And we needed to stay at Uyuni for one more day. There was nothing to do here as it was very small. At day time it was sunny and at night time it was so cold. Lastly we found another agency and went to Salar de Uyuni the next day. In total there was 6 people in the deep excluding the driver.

Sala de Uyuni, Bolivia
First we went to see all these abandoned trains

Sala de Uyuni, Bolivia
Salar de Uyuni. Lastly I arrived! You could not see where is the end of this ground.
I was so touched and my tears just came out. It is really gorgeous. It was hard to describe only by words.

Sala de Uyuni, Bolivia
With different national flags, all people were keen to take photos with their own countries

Sala de Uyuni, Bolivia
Mini Picuna~

Valle de Rocas, Sala de Uyuni, Bolivia
Plant yareta

Laguna Hedionda, Sala de Uyuni, Bolivia
Taking photos with Bolivian mates

Laguna Colorada, Sala de Uyuni, Bolivia
Pink lake as there are micro organisms inside

Potosi, Bolivia
There were two bus station in Potosi. The photo showed the newer and bigger one. There was another one which was small and was for buses coming and departing from Uyuni. I originally thought they were the same one. I planned to take the bus back to Potosi and slept overnight at the bus station, but this one would close at night. I decided to sleep at the street. But there were two strangers telling me it was dangerous to do that. At 2am they accompanied me to find hostel. Nice guys~

Iglesia San Lorenzo, Potosi, Bolivia
This was a beautiful church. The outside was crafted with a lot of mini statues and patterns.

Cerro Rico, Potosi, Bolivia
Went to the mine to understand the work of the miners. The photo was their God Tio, he likes to eat coca and drink 90% alcohol.

Cerro Rico, Potosi, Bolivia
Wearing the workers' clothes. Getting into the mines with dirty water, finding gold and silver

Potosi, Bolivia
Meeting friends

Potosi, Bolivia
Afternoon tea at one of the cafe lonely planet recommended

Tarapaya, Potosi, Bolivia
Originally I planned to have hot spring here. But the book said that it was dangerous. So I went to another one to enjoy the hot spring. Comfortable. And I accidentally dropped my glass into the pool. Luckily someone helped me to find it under the water. People are really nice. 
And for the pool the picture showed, you need to pay to get into it. But I randomly walked and just entered without charge.

Tupiza, Bolivia
Plastic bag of yogurt

Tupiza, Bolivia
They digged the road making the pipes visible. When it rained at night, the water raised till the calf, horrible

Tupiza, Bolivia
Breakfast, humita and milk

Quebrada de Palmira, Tupiza, Bolivia
One of the highlight here. Horse riding in Quebrada de Palmira. Dressing like a pro and strolling around the area. Riding on a horse is quite shaky. Sometimes it ran faster and making my glasses move a lot.

Getting high up in the city, immersing into the city's view until dawn

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