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- 5 months traveling in Europe - Slovenia

The city is not attractive to me. In Slovenia capital Ljubljana, the meal is expensive, so the only option for backpackers like me was to buy food in the supermarket for lunch. Spending one day in the capital is enough.

The next morning I was thinking where to go and to do. The weather reports that it will rain in the next few days, so I was thinking shall I go to the city of Bled for a day trip or still go for a overnight hike.

Mt Triglav (2864m) is the highest mountain in Slovenia. It seems that you needed to be equipped (helmet and other things) to get to the top (read from some websites), so I'm not sure if I can climb up.
Anyway since I had come to Slovenia, I decided lastly to go to the hut tonight and decided what's my next move. So immediately I packed up my belongings and took a bus to Ukanc (hotel zlatorog)

The bus I took was going to Bohinj. I thought I needed to change bus, but actually with this bus I just needed to get off at the last stop. From there I just needed to walk for 1 hour and 20 minutes and I will be at the starting point of the hiking trail), which is the same point of savica waterfall.

I was not aware of the hiking places and paths here, but in Ljubljana's information center you can get a very detailed leaflet with hut information and climbing routes.

Got this from Ljubljana tourist centre - Julian-Alps hiking routes and hours needed

Got this from Ljubljana tourist centre  - huts in Julian-Alps

In the bus, there was a pair of couples who has just finished Mt Triglav. They said climbing up to the summit does not require any special equipment. But because it was quite far you need to sleep in the hut for two nights. With this information, at least I knew I can also do it. They also provided their mountaineering routes for my reference. With this latest information my determination to hike today was much greater.

After arriving at the last bus stop, I started heading towards savica waterfall.

At the last bus stop, signage pointing to savica waterfall
I also paid to see the waterfall, with 3EUR, you would go to a little platform stuffing with other people watching the waterfall.

Savica Waterfall

After that, I started my hiking journey. The place I was going was Triglav Lakes Valley, also known as Seven Lakes Valley. Actually there are ten lakes. I firstly went back to hut Koča pri Savici (653m) from savica waterfall and then found the signage going to the first hut (koča) Pri Triglavskih Jezerih (1685m). I would see how was the condition for this hut and see if I would continue to another hut Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih (2071m) today.

hut Koča pri Savici (653m)

The path was basically going up with some views. You could hear the waterfall intermittently. Suddenly, it rained. I just hoped it won't be too big. I continued to go up with some people going down in opposite direction of me.

Going up to hut (koča) Pri Triglavskih Jezerih

Path condition

The hike initially was quit hard since it was just going up and there was nothing to see. You would reach Black Lake (črna jezero) later which was the first lake. But raining made the scenery look not so good.

Black Lake (črna jezero)
I did not stop for a rest as it was raining. After some while you would be in more open space area and scenery will became much better.

2 hours till the hut
Lastly open view!
When you reached Double Lake (dvojno jezero) it also meaned you reached (koča) Pri Triglavskih Jezerih.

I spent 2 hours 38 min to walk from hut Koča pri Savici to (koča) Pri Triglavskih Jezerih. From here, you will see Mala Tičarica (2071m) at your right hand side.

Double Lake (dvojno jezero), soon will be the hut

(koča) Pri Triglavskih Jezerih
As I did not reserve any bed, I needed to ask if there was any available. Luckily there was. the price is $ 26.76 EUR (including 2.5 euros for blanket. If you have sleeping bag, you don't need to pay for this)! I really did not know that will be so expensive! If you have a membership card of some clubs it will be much cheaper. The next hut price was similar, even though they might be operated by different clubs.

I needed to know what was the itinerary tomorrow so I could decide where I shall sleep tonight here. I asked the reception if I wanted to climb Mt Triglav which hut I shall stay and the itinerary for the next two days. She said actually the weather won't be good for the next few days, even if I reached Mt Triglav I could not see a lot of things. She suggested me to walk through the ridge of Malo Špičje (2312m) and Veliko Špičje (2398m) and then back to hut Koča pri Savici. This was a good choice, it meant that I shall stay overnight in the next hut but not this one so I could have enoght time tomorrow to walk back to the bus station and ride back to Ljubljana tomorrow.

Tthe weather was so good while walking from this hut to the next hut,! There was breeze and the sun was not strong. I could not believe good weather after rain was so refreshing. If this morning I decided not to come here, it would be really a pity. Fortunately, I have come and witnessed all this scenery !!! As it was already 4,5ish pm I was the only one who was walking there. The whole place belonged to me. There was a marmot next to me yelling. And I was surrounded by majestic mountains, this made me feel exciting!

behind (koča) Pri Triglavskih Jezerih - Mocivec lake
Zelnarica ?

Marmot yelling

I passed by Lake Kidney (Lake Ledvica), at right hand side you would see huge mountains Malo Zelnarica and Velika Zelnarica. It was all flat road so most of the time I was just enjoying the scenery. Blue sky and fresh air, feel so good!
Lake Kidney (Lake Ledvica)
Look back Lake Kidney (Lake Ledvica)

I spent 1 hour 37 mins to reach Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih (2071m). I could still enjoy the sunset. The sky was cloudy but still could see the sun setting down. The food here was quite expensive, I just ate my own food. The Swedish men and women next to me had full meals - pasta for dinner and dessert. They also had breakfast the next morning.

 Being a budget traveler, I ate only cold bread with cucumber and ham, every meal is almost the same. It does not matter, I could still appreciate the same landscape and at least I had been here!

While walking

Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih (2071m)

Seeing sunset in front of the hut!

Hut indoor



The second day 6am ish most of the people already awoke. I would like to sleep more but could not. So I packed up the stuff and ready to go.

Going up to Špičje the second day

Amazing view with just little effort

Signage to Veliko Špičje
Today most of the time I was walking on the ridge and can see the paths I was walking yesterday. I could also see the scenery on the other side. Feel amazing.

On Veliko Špičje

Amazing rock formation

Seeing the route and Lake Kidney (Lake Ledvica) with mountains Malo Zelnarica and Velika Zelnarica
I was the only one who walked on this path, I could enjoy the whole scenery myself. Left hand side I could overlook the path I was walking yesterday, right hand sude was some awesome views. I just randomly looked upwards while climbing and I saw a group of chamois was looking at me! OMG, this was the first time I saw chamois looking at me like that and we were so near.

Numerous chamois were looking at me

After passing the two hills, I was at the hut where I asked the reception about the routine yesterday. This also meant that I would be walking the same route as yesterday but opposite direction.

I spent 3 hours 28 min going from yesterday's hut to hut (koča) Pri Triglavskih Jezerih, then from here I used 2 hours and 20 minutes to go back to hut Koča Pri Savici (653m).  I rewarded myself with an ice stick which cost 3EUR! This was already a very good gift for myself!

I then went back to the bus station. You needed to check the time schedule of the bus in advance since not many buses per day. This also meaned my two days one night climbing journey had come to an end. This was also my last activitiy in Slovenia.

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