Colombia - Drugs Hub - 3rd Stop of South America

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 20111003-20111024(22days) Colombia

Colombia, a place rumored about drugs. But I said it is a place full of handsome guys. When we ate the first lunch there, a handsome and attractive man sat in front of me~ that lunch became so much more delicious. He had good manner and I ate so happily. The culture and spots here were nice. We didn’t go to climb the snow mountains, it should be a good place to visit too. But the weather of Bogota was not good, always raining. And the place I love most is Villa del Leyva And this is the country I first saw my dream prince: llama! It is so cute~~ Te amor!

 Currency: 1US: 200Peso (2011)
 Hostel average: 7-8US per night
 Eat average: 3US per meal 

Capugana->Cartagena->Santa Marta->Valledupar->Nabusimake->Valledupar->Bucaramanga ->Villa del Leyva->Bogota-> Zipaquirá ->San Augustin->Ipiales->Otavalo(Ecuador)

In order to have something to eat when travelling at midnight in the bus, we bought some bread. The bread was so big that it was bigger than my whole palm! It only costed 0.5US

Castillo de San Felipe De Barajas, Cartagena, Colombia
The fortress looks like a castle, a grand one. 

Walls around Cartagena
Walk along the wall, especially when it is sunset time, makes everything fine!

Cartagena, Colombia
It was interesting to see there was a Hong Kong time at the board! May be they thought that Hong Kong is a big city? But I think it is only because the timezone of Hong Kong is good to compare with Colombia. street,

Cartagena, Colombia
In Colombia, the street used number to represent. That was why it was easy to remember, from East to West and from South to North, all streets’ names use numbers. If you know the direction and the numbering is descending or acscending at a particular direction, you can reach your destination pretty easy!

Cartagena, Colombia
Colombia’s food is good and full. It usually served in set. With soup served in appetizer. Main dish with rice, meat, beans and plantain. And also a fruit drink! So I am full always!

Monumento La revolucion en marcha, Valledupar, Colombia Monumento La revolución en marcha, Valledupar,

Valledupar, Colombia
Usually, you will see the names of some political people. They used the wall to call people to vote them.

Nabusimake, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia
We went to an indigenous village. It took two cars to go to the destination. The second one needed to travel through the mountains, with the roads unpaved. We just had two houses to choose to live in there, including the food, but the total was not cheap. We also needed to pay for the entrance fee. Originally we could not go to the village to see, luckily a villager helped us and we could go to the secret zone. From there we could know how the house they live look like, how the Arhuacos wear and what do they do normally. Their clothings are mainly in white, comfortable and ordinary. Everyday, females make the bags tutu and males meditate using poporo.
As we could not take photos there, if you want to know more about the Arhuacos, please google it. PS: I had bought a tutu also!

La Mina, Valledupar, Colombia
Something happened to our friend here, almost making him in danger. Luckily Colombians were kind and helpful, and powerful. They tried their best to help us, ignoring their safety. So, remember if you really want to play, please cautious about the water level regularly. Else, you will be killed by the water.

Valledupar, Colombia Valledupar, Colombia
Policemen who were riding horse

We went to Bucaramanga. But the timetable at Valledupar was wrong, we needed to go to Dagota then got another bus. But don’t know why, a traffic jam occurred. Not kidding, a whole day traffic jam! But what could we do? Nothing. So there was a long queuing there. hammock,

But all people did not get furious and hurry. They walked with the dogs and cat, played with their children. Some even opened their hammock and got a nap.

Bucaramanga, Colombia
Arrived at Bucaramanga, we went to a place people playing paragliding. There were many people playing up the sky. Some were just for fun, while some were staying there and learning to get a certificate.

In Bucaramanga, some students were helping the nominated people to get more votes. They saw our asian faces and immediately asked us to take a photo with them. They were so passionate and asked if we had facebook. They screamed and shouted, they even asked us to write their chinese names down~

Villa del Leyva, Boyaca, Colombia
A small town full of artistic things. I love here very much, especially some of the little shops. With street full of cobble stones and white house around the main square, I felt the comfort and silence of this town. But as now is the holiday for Colombia, the hostels are very full. We went cycling one day here, there were many spots to see while cycling. Because of this, we still had not get back to the town after sunset. There were no light on the rural unpaved road. We lastly cycled back to the town using a hand written map without scaling and a broken compass.

Arepa rellena de queso and humita, Colombia
Cool food! Arepa rellena de queso and humita. These meant cheese dough and corn cake. Delicious! Arepa rellena de queso: 0.6US Humita: 0.75US

Lago Azul, Villa del Leyva, Boyaca, Colombia
Blue lake, beautiful. This needs entrance fee. There is another one which does not need the entrance fee, of course it will not be as beautiful as this one!

Paso del Angel, Villa del-Leyva, Boyaca, Colombia
This path is quite narrow, and underneath it is the river.

El hayal, Villa del Leyva, Boyaca, Colombia
We got tricked by the taxi driver and we walked for a long time and still could not find the place. As we trusted him, we did not think about another direction. When we wanted to give up, there was a car passing by and they were eager to drive us to there. They were so nice! Lastly we did not miss the place! It is very superb, making us feeling exciting!

Plaza de Arma, Bogota, Colombia Bogota,
A capital situated at 2600m above sea level. There are some museums worth going. While we were there, it was raining, making me feeling cold and wet. There were four policemen taking me to the post office, with their bright yellow shirts on. I was in the middle, making me like an important person to be protected. Other people also called me to beware of my properties, they were so nice!

Painting from Fernando Botero

There was a lot of sweet selling in the shop and on the street.

A food court in the supermarket~ Juicy drink and a sweet Job’s-tears soup

Many graffiti along the street of Bogota

A beautiful dream catcher. But this one is expensive, don’t buy here~ Buy at Ecuador Otavalo (1US can have one already)
Spanish: Atrapasueño

Catedral de Sal, Zipaquirá, Colombia
An underground cathedral made of salt. With different colors of lights shining on the statues, it became a fantasy place. It is a salt mine. If you smell or touch them you will feel them.

San Agustin, Colombia
A place full of archeological stones

llama, Ipiales, Colombia
The first time seeing cut llama. There are many in South America. They are in fact divided into 4 categories – llama alpaca vicuna guanaco I do not know how to distinguish actually.

Santuario de las Lajas, Ipiales, Colombia
This is a beautiful church situated in a river valley. The rock which had some miracles happening became the main stage of the church.

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