Costa Rica - Vacation Paradise? - 1st Stop of South America

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20110908-20110916 (9 days) Costa Rica

After volunteering for 2 months, we started our journey of South America.The first stop: Costa Rica, enjoying the sunshine and the beach!We played white water rafting and did not flip over. We enjoyed the nature very much and even got into the water to swim! We ate a jungle buffet!As we did not have lonely planet of Middle America and our priority was going to South America, we only stayed here for 9 days, doing nothing~But it was only nine days, I could feel the hospitality and helpfulness of people of here. While we were leading by a local to take a local bus, another local wanted to help us by asking us was there other problem.While we took the bus we missed the stop and got to a strange place. There was a girl with her boyfriend helping us by leading us to her house and called her father to ride us to the right place. This happened when it was at night and she said it was very dangerous around there. FEEL IT!

Costa Rica:
Currency: 1US: 500Colón (2011)
Hostel average: 10US per night
Eat average: 5-7US per meal

Turrialba ->San Jose->Montezuma->Santa Teresa->San Jose->Bocas Del Toro, Panama

The first meal here: McDonald’s. McDonald’s is expensive here, but I ate a delicious Mcflurry. Each of its chocolate cube had strawberry jam inside!

We went to our volunteer friend’s house. She is his brother’s daughter, cute!

We needed to take this huge ship while we were heading to Montezuma. All the vehicles were at another floor. After arriving, we needed to get back to our own vehicles

Montezuma Waterfalls , Montezuma, Costa Rica
We jumped down to the waterfall, and meditated under the waterfall, cool!

I put the hammock on tree. While looking at the sea and listening to the sea waves, we swung and swung~

We took a bus to Santa Teresa. While heading to it the whole thing dropped off from the bus and the bus could not move any more. We needed to wait for the next bus, which was about 30 minutes after.

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
This beach is very beautiful, making me feel comfortable and relax. This is also a place surfers love to go, I also tried my first surfing experience there.
But unfortunately, my left mouth tooth was crashed by the surfboard. It instantly bled and moved backward. Then I didn’t have any intention to play more as I felt it really moved. I even didn’t have the force to eat.
So one advice to beginners: beware to move the board in front of you after you had been pushed by the wave back to the beach. So that even there is another wave the board will not crashed onto you.

Banco Central de Costa Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica
This is a museum recommended by a local while we were asking for direction. So, we put down our backpacks and got into it. In other south America countries, we could also see those weird gold creatures, but here they had the largest amount.

Independence day of Costa Rica, Parade.

When we went to Costa Rica from America by plane, the counter needed us to show them a return ticket. As we did not think about where we would go after Costa Rica, we did not buy one. They forced us to buy an air ticket immediately… The only one which was the cheapest was going to Bocas del Toro, Panama, which cause about 1000HK. The first time to take this kind of short trip by air, also the airport was a tiny one. And we did go to the wrong airport…..we needed to take a taxi to the right one to catch our plane after we found out…

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